Why Organize an ATV Club?

You may ask yourself why you as an ATV enthusiast should start or join a club? The answer is to protect your interests. Being organized works when a group joins together with a specific purpose in mind.

ATV/OHV clubs are important to the health and future of our recreation. Reasons for forming a club include:

A club can promote responsible operation and safety that benefits everyone.
Clubs provide fun, socialization and riding.
Others in the club will know about neat places to ride.
Clubs provide a pool of expertise and information on our recreations for land managers and regulatory agencies.
Regulatory agencies tend to listen more to someone representing thirty families than they do someone speaking only for themselves.
You’ll be in the loop and hear more about our recreation. It’s easier to contact clubs on short notice than several thousand individuals.
In most cases, a club is the key to gaining trails.
By forming a club, enthusiasts are organized and ready for action to promote or protect our recreation.
By joining a club, the recreationalist has a voice.

Clubs really do work. Even if you don’t call your group a club, every social movement in history that ever accomplished anything found its strength in small local groups.

One of the purposes of any group is to make its community a better place to live. Let your community know you’re out there. Invite the local newspaper to cover your projects or submit a press release. Meet with your local chamber or tourism representative. Riding areas have been saved because it was an important source of tourism income to the community. Involvement with others outside your group will help establish your image. Look for other opportunities that your club can take to be part of community events. Be creative.

ATV/OHV users can and do make a difference. Just remember that to further change our recreation involvement of local enthusiasts is required. Clubs are the best way for individuals to keep informed and to act quickly. Our state organizations do work effectively through their club networks to protect riding opportunities.

If you’re interested in starting an ATV/OHV Club, contact your State Association. These organizations have a strong network of individuals and resources at their fingertips. They will also be able to provide you valuable information on ATV/OHV opportunities in your area. The State Associations have a vested interest in your success, as it is the local clubs that provides the foundation for a successful state association.

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