Private Land and Recreational Trail Brochure Available

A new brochure is available to assist clubs when a trail is desired over private land. This brochure was developed in an easy to read format with questions and answers for liability coverage, property rights, benefits, etc. The brochure includes an introduction letter and a place for your club and contact person to sign.

Bonnie Chester, region 5 director, researched Minnesota laws and statutes that protect land owners and clubs with trail agreements. Ken Irish, 2nd Vice Prescient of ATVAM, assisted in the development.

The 8.5 x 14” legal size page quad-folds into a convenient brochure, including a trail permit. The print file is available thought ATVAM’s office administrator  or on line at   Print a copy on line or download a PDF file and go to a print shop for your copy.

Click Here for PDF of Private Land and Recreational Trail Brochure

Click Here for PDF of Trail Permit

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