When you join ATVAM, you're helping to ensure the future of ATV activities in the state of Minnesota. You'll join hundreds of other enthusiastic ATV owners from throughout the state and be part of one of the strongest state ATV organizations in the country.

Several times each year, ATVAM members enjoy the hundreds of miles of ATV trails in Minnesota through organized rides and events. Other's spend their time enjoying their ATV's while hunting, fishing or simply making the task at hand just a bit easier and more pleasurable. But being a member of ATVAM doesn't stop there. ATVAM social events, like spring and fall conventions and an annual off-highway vehicle meeting bring you and other off-highway friends together throughout the year.

ATVAM has been an integral part in opening new trails and broadening the use of existing trails for ATV riders in Minnesota. We were instrumental in the passage of a 1985 Minnesota statute which allows ATV use on frozen lakes, ditch lines, select state forest roads and trails, and established a Grant-in-Aid trail fund.

ATVAM is concerned not only about trails and opportunities for the sport rider but for other uses as well, whether it be a trail to your favorite fishing hole or making the commute to check a fence line easier, ATVAM is there for you.

There are no special interest groups in ATVAM. Our primary concern is you. ATVAM gives you a voice to express your concerns and ideas regarding ATV use in Minnesota. This is an organization that truly belongs to the members. All officers, board of directors and committee members are volunteers, people who are doing it for the love of the recreation.

Click here for a presentation created by President Ken Irish on the past 5 years of ATVAM

History of ATVAM


Past President's of ATVAM


1st Harold Tompkins 1983 - 1985
2nd Jan Gillen  1985 – 1987
3rd Al Burrows  1987 – 1988
4th Jan Gillen 1988 – 1989
5th Ray Meyer  1989 – 1989
6th Dan Kaselau   1989 – 1991
7th Bob Krostue 1991 – 1993
8th Jerry Barbur  1993 – 1994
9th Kim Wolf 1994- 1996
10th Todd Craft 1996- 1997
11th Dan Reed 1997- 1999
12th Sonia Bartz 1999 – 2003
13th Dustin Young 2003 -2004
14th Dave Hendricks 2004- 2006
15th Phill Morud 2006 - 2008
16th Ken Irish 2008- 2010
17th George Radke 2010 - Present

Thank you for your unselfish dedication and significant contributions to ATVAM.



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